briana ariel

"I was so guilty of holding onto my vision that I couldn't receive the vision God had for me. It wasn't until the picture frame of my life broke and all I had left was a blank canvas that God's vision finally started to come to fruition in my life"

Philanthropic Artist. Poet. Author. Illustrator. Photographer

When God prompted me to begin writing books and blogging in 2015 I was immediately challenged with doubt. Why me? Who is going to read this? What if this is a waste of time? I am generally reserved and felt that there are hundreds of other people who are better qualified, more outspoken, and more in tuned with God doing this and are reaching millions. After playing a friendly game of tug of war with what God had prompted me to do… I lost of course and gave in. I started writing, praying, and seeking God for direction. I had no clue what to say or even how to say it. God began to open my eyes to see things around me, things in my own life, and in His Word!

What if I exposed the pieces of me that I try so hard to conceal? What if my exposure brings healing to at-least one soul? What if I walk to the edge and jump off fully trusting that God will catch me in my free-fall? I’m being pushed everyday closer to the edge; closer to the place God is calling me to go. It’s a rush of excitement and if I’m honest, hesitation. The what if’s are endless, but the allure of the unknown is enticing. Today I take one step closer and tomorrow I’ll take another or maybe even two. Until I’m free falling into the exact place God wants me to be. I’ve been broken and I remember the miraculous feeling when God opened my eyes to His freedom. 

I am the wife to my husband, Stephen Green! Stephen is my best friend, confidant, creative partner, and partner in purpose. His presence in my life is a clear example of God's abundant love for me! I am the mother of two beautiful little girl. Stephen and our girls are a blessing and a true testament to how faithful God is!

When I was in undergrad I started my photography business and have since partnered with my husband to run Forever Green Branding. I love connecting with others through my camera, blog, and website! So many great relationships have started behind my lens and I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to do what I love and bring God glory! After a season of great pain (domestic violence survivor) I started FREED Magazine! As Editor in Chief of FREED Magazine, my amazing team and I have the opportunity to shed light on darkness and share testimonies from all over the world. FREED Magazine is a special place to be vulnerable, authentic, and loved in spite of whatever is going on in life. If you have a testimony, fashion, photography or design that you would like to share with the world you can submit your work online!

I hope my website inspires and encourages you! Welcome to I hope you stay awhile!

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